Planning & Zoning

The mission of the Richmond County Planning Department is to plan for growth and to protect the rights, health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Richmond County.

The mechanism for implementing such recommendations and for insuring the County has controlled, balanced growth is through the development of planning ordinances and regulations.

The Richmond County Planning Board directs the planning staff in identifying needs and formulating policies for governing growth in Richmond County for the ultimate purpose of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.

                                     PLANNING/ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS
The PZBOA(Planning/Zoning Board of Adjustments) public meetings are held at the Richmond County Airport, 656 Airport Road Rockingham NC 28379 at 7PM. Meeting dates and times are posted below and subject to change. 

Application Submission Deadline    PZBOA Meeting Date Time  
December 15, 2018   January 15, 2019 7PM  
January 15, 2019   February 12, 2019 7PM  
February 15, 2019   March 12,2019 7PM  
March 15, 2019   April 9, 2019 7PM  
April 15, 2019   May 14,2019 7PM  
May 15, 2019   June 11, 2019 7PM  
June 14, 2019   July 9,2019 7PM  
July 15, 2019   August 13,2019 7PM  
August 15, 2019   September 24,2019 7PM  
September 13,2019   October 8,2019 7PM  
October 15,2019   November 12,2019 7PM  
November 15, 2019   December 10, 2019 7PM