On-Site Water Protection

On-site Waste Water (Septic) Program North Carolina general statutes state that a person owning or controlling a residence, place of business, or place of public assembly shall provide an approved sanitary sewage system. As a result, the Commission for Health Services has compiled rules and regulations addressing the placement, design, installation, and maintenance of subsurface ground absorption sewage disposal systems. The Environmental Health Section of the Department of Public Health acts as authorized agents of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and ensures that these rules and regulations are enforced and the public's health is protected.

Applications for Permits for Sewage Disposal Systems and Wells
Applications for lot evaluations for a subsurface sewage disposal permit can be made at the Richmond County Health Department.  An application fee is required as well as a plat of the property. The Environmental Health Specialist will make a site evaluation based on the following factors:
1.    Topography and landscape position
2.    Soil characteristics
3.    Soil wetness
4.    Soil depth
5.    Restrictive horizons
6.    Available space
       Once the lot has been evaluated and approved an Authorization to Construct Permit for a subsurface sewage disposal system is issued. (This permit is also used to obtain building permits at the City and County Building Inspections Offices) Once the septic system is installed, another inspection is performed, and if approved an Operations Permit is issued to the property owner and a Red Tag will be placed on the meter base.