The Substance Affected Infant Data is collected on a case by case basis.  Each case includes the mother and child tested for all legal and illegal drugs.  Any drug that shows up in the mother or the child is recorded and then reported to DSS.

It is important to note that some cases were recorded showing multiple drugs found in the mother or the child (or both).  There are also cases where ONLY the baby or mother tested positive, as well as cases where BOTH mother and child tested positive for one or more drugs. 

Disclaimer:  The data collected and information provided is based on local records obtained from Richmond County and is not directly related to any research project. 

  1. Mom & Baby Data
  2. 34 Month Totals 
  3. Monthly Data Aug. 2017-May 2020 
  4. Narcan Distribution

April - May 2020

Mom and Baby Drugs

Drugs Mom

Drugs Baby

Negative Mom

Negative baby

Screen results

Screen baby