Background: The new Chapter 160D consolidates the previous county enabling statutes (portion of 153A) and city enabling statues (portion of 160A) into a single unified new Chapter 160D. This recodification was initiated by the NC Bar Association along with input from county attorneys, city and county planners, private attorneys, and various development groups.  The result is more efficient regulations, clearer language, logical structure, changes that accommodate established case law, and a consolidation of city and county regulations.  Chapter 160D places all of the statutes on development regulations into a more user-friendly organization.  In accordance with Session Law 2019-111 (Senate Bill 355) and  Session Law 2020-25(Senate Bill 720)  all North Carolina cities and counties should amend their ordinance to reflect the changes set forth, into a single unified Chapter 160D by July 1, 2021.  All proposed changes and revisions generally relate to function, process, and terminology of the various Boards.  There are no changes to the uses allowed in each zoning district, no change to land development regulations, no changes to setback requirements, no changes to telecommunication, buffering or lighting requirements.