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1. CURBSIDE SERVICE--Does anyone in Richmond County provide curbside service for individuals living outside the city limits??
2. What can I do to report neighbors who illegaly dump / store waste on their property??
3. What are the hours of operation at the Transfer Station on 191 Walter Kelly Road?
4. What items are allowed for disposal at the 10 convenience sites???
5. Where can I dispose of my used tires and is there a cost for disposal??
6. What items can we RECYCLE????
7. Where can I dispose of "large quantities" of solid waste???
8. Where can I dispose of my BOAT???
9. Where are the convenience sites located??
10. Where can I dispose of my yard debris such as limbs, brush, pine straw and leaves??
11. Who do I contact to report "ILLEGAL" dumping???
12. PAINT?? How can I safely dispose of paint???
13. What are the hours of operation for the convenience site ????
14. How much waste does Richmond County generate in a given year???
15. Where can I properly dispose of prescription and over the counter drugs??
16. FEES?? What items do I have to pay to dispose of ???? And what is the cost???
17. What is procedure for disposal of empty PESTICIDE containers?????