Drug Endangered Family Task Force

The Mission of the Richmond County Drug Endangered Family Taskforce is to prevent prescription and illegal drug overdoses. The task force will form partnerships, raise awareness, and educate the community on this public issue in hopes of reducing overdoses and increasing access to treatment.

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1) Reduce oversupply of prescription opioids

2) Increase community awareness and prevention

3) Measure our impact and revise strategies based on results

The Taskforce meets every month, gathering on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the Large Classroom of the Richmond County Health Department.

Contact : 

Theressa Smith      

Deputy Director of Social Services
Richmond County Social Services
125 Caroline Street
Rockingham, NC 28379

How do prevention community coalitions work and what do they do? Let's visit two coalitions, Johnston County and Richmond County, that work with Community Impact North Carolina and find out.

The Richmond County Drug Endangered Family Taskforce was formed to address the opioid crisis in our local neighborhoods. Community stakeholders, county government, and other agencies have joined forces to provide treatment resources and community education. We are committed to bringing awareness and prevention to Richmond County and its residents.

Richmond County Health and Human Services offer a free Peer Support Program and Recovery Coaching for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues provided through Sandhills Opioid Consortium or the Tri-County Child Advocacy Center for children involved with Child Welfare. “Recovery is Possible!”

Richmond County offers free assessments for anyone interested in connecting with treatment options, counseling, rehab, and detox. We also have a weekly Addiction Recovery Support Group every Wednesday from 5-6 pm at the Richmond County Health Department. Recovery Solutions

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Though often perceived to be a problem of the inner city, substance use has long been prevalent in rural areas. Rural adults have higher rates of use for tobacco and methamphetamines, while prescription drug misuse and heroin use has grown in towns of every size. Substance use can be especially hard to combat in rural communities due to limited resources for prevention, treatment, and recovery.

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