What is ITD?

International Tie Disposal LLC (henceforth ITD) is intending to build a recycling operation to transform wood products (especially legacy & junk railroad ties) into an environmentally friendly material called biochar.   This is accomplished through use of vacuum sealed kilns exposed to extreme heat.      Legacy & junk railroad ties are deteriorated railroad ties ages approximately 15-30 years old and are no longer suitable for secondary markets.   Much of the creosote has leached from the tie.    At this facility the ties will be shredded and put in the kilns.     ITD is owned by Polivka out of Weddington, NC.   Polivka is a 3rd generation family business which specializes in paving & design build rail for all Class 1 railroads.        

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1. What is ITD?
2. Did the Richmond County Board of Commissioners recruit or re-zone property to lure ITD?
3. What is the economic impact to Richmond County?
4. Will ITD burn railroad ties?
5. How is pyrolysis of ties different than burning rail ties?
6. What environmental measures are being taken to protect citizens & who is monitoring ITD?
7. Will there be an abundance of truck traffic?
8. How will ITD reduce noise pollution?
9. Will this facility be visible from the road?
10. How will ITD handle water run-off?
11. Will this facility be similar BioChar Now in Colorado?
12. Will this facility be similar to Dominion Power Biomass Plant in Georgia?
13. Can I access comments and questions from public meeting?