The Richmond County Collection Department is responsible for the collection of all current and delinquent property taxes for Richmond County.

These taxes include real estate, motor vehicles prior to the implementation of VTS, business personal property, and other personal property taxes such as manufactured homes, untagged vehicles, boats, aircraft, and camper trailers.

In addition to the above taxes Richmond County Collection Department also issues and collects Beer and Wine License, Tax Certifications, Occupancy Tax, Short-Term Lease, and Mobile Home Moving Permits.
The Richmond County Tax Department is also responsible for collecting Special Assessments, Fire Tax, Fire Fees, and Landfill Fees.

Real and Personal property tax bills are mailed in July of each year. Beginning January 6th of the following year these taxes are considered delinquent and accrue interest at a rate of 2% for the month of January, plus ¾ % each month thereafter.

How To Pay Your Taxes?

Attached is the foreclosure listing with opening bids for the Nov. 18th, 2022 auction to be held in front of the Judicial Center at 12:00 pm (noon).

To view parcels on Richmond County GIS:
Click on GIS
New Portal GIS Website
Richmond County Parcel Viewer
Check “I agree” box and click OK (Disclaimer Statement)
Looking toward screen to the left – 3 tabs – By Shape- By Value – results
Choose - By Value tab
Drop down box – Choose Property Identification Number (PIN)
Put the Parcel number from foreclosure list in the box (12 digits number)- search
This will allow you to see the location of the property.

Opening bids are also listed on the attorney’s website:
Click on:
Interested Bidders
Property for Sale
Check the “I agree” box
Scroll down to find Richmond County Properties

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Richmond County, North Carolina

Contact Us

  1. Michelle M.  Holden

    Richmond County Tax Collector
    PO Box 1644
    Rockingham, NC 28380
    Business: 910-997-8272
    Fax: 910-997-8267


    8 a.m.- 5 p.m.