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Septic Tank Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Applicant & Property Information
  3. 3. Development Information
  4. 4. Documents To Authorize an Owners Legal Representative
  5. 5. Acknowledgement & Signature
  • Step One

    1. Please note: The septic system and any other improvements or conditions shall be installed and maintained as indicated on the permit issued. This permit shall in no way be taken as a guarantee or implied warranty that the septic system will function for any given period of time or that representatives of the Health Department assume any liability for related damages, consequential or direct, which are caused or which may be caused by a malfunctioning of such system.
    2. To complete this application you will need:

      Parcel Number-This number can be obtained from Land Records/Mapping Department 2nd Floor, located at 1401 Fayetteville Road  910-410-1139 or using Richmond County Parcel Viewer Richmond County Parcel Viewer (  .

    3. Please follow the instructions on the site plan worksheet. See sample site plan on last page of application. It is important that you be specific about location of structures, driveways, wells, etc. Or we cannot properly evaluate your site.
    4. Preparing Your Property For Evaluation
      For new system evaluations: 1. Property must be cleared (mowed, bush-hogged, etc.) to permit easy access. This may require mowing tall weeds in a field or cutting bushes and limbing trees in a wooded area. If wooded lots are cleared, it is very important not to disturb existing soil or reshape lots in any way. Clearing with heavy equipment should only be done in dry conditions. Disturbance of soil may cause sites to be unsuitable for a septic system or may require a more expensive system. A permit that has been issued could be revoked due to site disturbance or construction in the area permitted for the septic system or repair area. 2. Home corners must be flagged with provided white flags. 3. Property corners must be flagged. All survey irons must be identified prior to calling for the site evaluation, if owner/agent cannot find irons, then a licensed surveyor should be hired by the owner/agent to identify irons. 4. Property must be identified by a provided placard on the road frontage. 5. Any designated wetlands must be identified prior to this evaluation.